As we continue in our consultation with Church Doctors, Ann pointed out an article in our denomination's monthly magazine, Connections," that I found important and encouraging. Pastor Giacomo Cassese, of Community of Hope Christian Church in Miami, Florida writes in his article, "Back to the Future" (what follows all belongs to Pastor Cassese. I'm new at this blog thing, so, if I've broken any laws or committed a cardinal sin by re-sending Pastor Cassese's message, I only hope that forgiveness is as important to him as discipleship. I send his words because he puts it far better than I could.): The church was intended by God to be "the community of disciples.” By this measure, any other form of community within the church is not truly the church. Luther would continually differentiate between the community of saints and the institution called the church. Kierkegaard pointed out the contrast between Christianity and Christendom. Bonhoeffer accomplish